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Despite the fact that female leaders are on the rise in corporations, as business owners, as heads of nonprofit organizations, and as national government leaders, less than 10 percent of leadership books being published are written by women for women. Concepts of leadership and power are still considered “male topics.” 

Instant Insights on 12 Leadership Powers for Successful Women by Sylvia Becker-Hill closes that gap. Focusing on the powers that turn women into powerful, successful, results-producing leaders, she puts together a curriculum that reads like the “Hogwarts School of Leadership for Women", twelve powers that leave the unhealthy paradigm of perfectionistic, stressed-out, super women behind us and calls forth the new dawn of Über Women, the leaders of tomorrow. 

Each chapter starts with a different power statement that readers can use to rewire their brain through the power of daily repetition. Each chapter ends with three Instant Insights in the categories: knowing, trusting, and leading.

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Everything which professional women need to live their dreams

The book UNCAGED is the pre-curser for her upcoming leadership trilogy UNLEASHED, UNASHAMED, UNSTOPPABLE.

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Sylvia Becker-Hill, Empowerment Wizard, Leadership Catalyst and Love Warrior, shares in this book her key-concept of 18 years working as a corporate top executive coach and CEO-Maker of women on 4 continents and combines it with her personal story of emotional pain to triumph, plus a dose of philosophy and spirituality all based in neuroscience and wrapped in a buffet of easy to implement exercises which empower you to live your best life and be the best version of yourself: an Über Woman. 

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A Love Story with Women’s #1 Success Killer so I can learn how stopping the fight with my ego is the key to be, do and have whatever I always wanted! Finally I can be truly successful in my own way living my full potential as an ‘Uncaged Über Woman’.

When you read UNCAGED, you will: 

✓ Understand the key mechanism of how brilliant successful professional
   women sabotage their dreams and sacrifice their complete fulfillment in life

✓ Be empowered to break these old, ingrained habits and substitute them
   with new constructive ones

✓ Shatter the glass ceiling between your own ears so you can create the results
    you want in all areas of your life without sacrificing your health, your integrity    
    or your love life 

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