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Business Co-Founder,

female, 40, married, 2 kids
has build over 10 years with her husband a machine
production company being ‘everything for everyone’:

company owner, HR, financial controller, assistant

for her husband, client care manager, wife, mother

… exhausted, frustrated with a sense of lack of
vision and ownership for her work and life.

Marriage was heading into a dangerous direction

lacking intimacy. Goes through my coaching training

and discovers her passion for human development.

Enrolls her husband to go through the training as well.

They transform their marriage, their parenthood style,

the structure and culture of their company.

She is filled with a sense of purpose, owning herself

and her life and radiates female leadership with grace

every day whereever she goes whatever role she is in.

They are an inspiring couple living a fulfilled partnership

inside their company and at home.

Executive in finance, female, 42,
married, no kids,

working for international fashion retailer,
family owned and highly patriarchal
organized and cultured. Bored to death.
Feeling stuck and limited and not
appreciated inside her company.
Privately struggling with weight loss and
self-esteem issues and the question if
they shall adopt a child because she and
her husband couldn’t conceive children.
Wanted the courage to quit changing the
industry. Needed strategy how to become CFO.
She lost weight, gained confidence, made
peace with not having a child, quit her job,
became first female CFO in a complete
different industry in a company where
women before her were only known
as secretaries.


Due to the German/European - later international - corporate paradigm of my business in its first 16 years and the dominating cultural expectation to keep client names confidential plus providing top-executive coaching as a secret delicate 'behind closed doors' service, the following case studies have to stay anonymous.

They are based in real client stories showcasing the diverse industries back grounds, needs and solutions my VIP clients produced through my support and services. Details are kept out deliberately or are slightly changed to protect the privacy of these elite corporate high ranking clients.

Case Studies