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Education and Toolbox

A Masterful Mix of Powerful Tools for Lasting Change

Sylvia’s Education

1997 MA Phil: Magister in Philosophy, Linguistics, Germanistic, a university degree earned after years of study in early child development, history of German language and German literature, German as a foreign language, and educational science
1989 Diplom Verwaltungswirt: Diplom Administration Science, a college degree with an emphasis on law, economics and social science

Sylvia’s Professional Training for Coaching, Facilitation, Consulting
(Business Development and Personal Development are not mentioned yet are the same amount)

  • Stress-Management/Kinesiology The Three in One Concept with Ambika Christiane Amini
  • Corporate/Executive: Coaching, design and facilitation of kick-offs and change workshops
        in the context of mergers and acquisitions with Winner’s Edge
  • Open Space, Futureconference, RTSC with Matthias zur Bonsen
  • Non-Violent Communication with a Marshall Rosenberg trainer
  • Solution-Focused Therapy with Insoo Kim Berg
  • Appreciative Inquiry with Sabine Bredemeyer
  • Storytelling with Martin Rutte
  • Transaction Analysis with Vera F. Birkenbihl
  • NLP Business-Professional with Martina Schmidt-Tanger & Thies Stahl
  • Hypno-Therapy with Martina Schmidt-Tanger
  • Systemic Coaching Training for Individuals and Teams with the Institute for Systemic
       Consulting in Wiesloch
  • The Work with Byron Kathie
  • Integrative Systemic Constellation with Bernd Isert
  • Enneagram with Caro Tille, Foundation and Advanced level
  • Provocative Coaching with Martina Schmidt-Tanger
  • Masterful Coaching and Powerful Listening with Margret Krigbaum
  • Two years of training through Toastmasters International, Competent Communicator
  • Speakers Bootcamp with Jack Bernard
  • EFT and Matrix-Re-Imprint with Pamela Bruner
  • Pro EFT Level 1,2 and 3 Certification with EFT Master and AAMET Trainer Lindsay Kenny
  • ChangeWorks® training inside the Tension Management Institute and Certified as a
       ChangeWorks® Practitioner
  • Master Steam Essentials with the Tension Management Institute
  • Sedona Method with Clarissa Guest
  • Power Play Certification inside Frontier Trainings with Clinton Swaine
  • Unlimited Creativity inside Frontier Trainings with Clinton Swaine
  • Cultivational Coaching Certification inside Frontier Trainings with Clinton Swaine
  • Podium Power inside Frontier Trainings with Clinton Swaine
  • Mesmerize Me inside Frontier Trainings with Clinton Swaine
  • Ferocious Facilitation Certification inside Frontier Trainings with Clinton Swaine
  • Sorcery: The Art of Strategic Manifestation with Clinton Swaine
  • Sales Explosion with Clinton Swaine
  • Fearless Speaker Academy with Tiamo De Vettory
  • Course Creation Bootcamp with Global experts Accelerator Jane Deuber

To stay informed and keep abreast of the newest techniques for accelerating human behavioral change and corporate change, Sylvia is a member of several learning communities. These include the following:

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