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Be Unleashed, Unashamed and Unstoppable!

Use it as your navigation and evaluation device for your very own Evelution    towards becoming the Über Woman you are meant to be!

If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to me. 
​Please share this page with as many girl-friends as you can via email or social media!

Welcome to my global Über-Women Movement!

Download your printer friendly black and white Evelution Matrix and share it with a friend for powerful accountability and friendship deepening conversations.
Print it several times and have it at hand beside your desk or night-stand.

From left to right and top to bottom you read first the Super-Woman category description for e.g. "goal" and then the Über-Woman description.
Then spontaneously decide if you are fully stuck on the left Super-Woman paradigm (circle 1), or are moving out of it (circle 2), or are in the beginning stages of moving into the new Über-Woman paradigm (circle 3) or are fully grounded and integrated on the far right in the evolutionary next world of Über-Women circle 4). Your results are not static! They will change over time.

That's why I ask you to print it several times and use it every few weeks. Falling back ones in a while in a few categories is normal and is a reaction to external triggers!