A global Women's Empowerment Movement  - Unleashing female leaders in all areas of society 

Business Timeline

  • Gets casted for season two of "Fix my Brand" with Ali Craig for production in spring 2018, airing in fall 2018
  • Joins the Tree Sisters movement as a "pollinator" to support the planting of 1 Billion Trees and the healing of
         planet Earth ad the feminine in all of us
  • Presents a workshop at the 20th WIN Conference in Oslo/Norway about her Evelution (TM) concept
  • Celebrates on the 1st of September 2017 her 20th Business Anniversary
  • undergoes huge private transformation releasing over 21 pounds of body weight in just 5 weeks and adds
         bootcamp classes and trips to the gym 5x a week to her routine to the best she can be

  • Ends collaboration with the Women's Center and the Women's Museum to reduce public activities
  • Steps down as Exoteric agency head for reasons of strategic misalignment
  • Changes from board-position of Women for Change Coaches community to outreach ambassador
  • Gets nominated for a NAWBO Award category "Women's Advocate of the Year"
  • Follow's the invitation of CAM "Conversation among Masters" coaching conference and interviews Jack
         Canfield, co-author of the global book-sensation "Chicken-Soup for the Soul"

  • Presents a market-place breakout-session at the Global Coaching Group Conference at the
         Starnberger See in Bavaria/Germany

  • Becomes finalist as a nominee in tho categories for the Connected Women of Influence Awards in      
         Orange County:  "Women's Advocate" and "Woman Breaking Barriers" 
  • Gets certified by Exoteric in their signature program "The 10 Steps Business Building Program"
  • Becomes finalist in San Diego for the Connected Women of Influence Awards category
         "Author of Influence"
  • Connects in New Zealand with the Commissioner for Equal Pay mapping out potential projects
  • Travels as a delegate from UNA SD to the CSW61 to the UN in NY and gives 3 one minute long
         addresses at different sessions
  • Gets certified by Future Inc. as a "Big Money Business Coach"
  • Started new workshop series in collaboration with the Women's Center of California at the Women's
         Museum of California: "Leadership Empowerment"
  • Got elected into the board of the UN Association Chapter San Diego
  • Become agency head of the Success Vortex an Exoteric Coaching Agency


  • Became sponsoring member of the UN Association Chapter San Diego
  • ​Gets certified by Future Inc. in he following coaching modalities: Peace process, Muscle Testing,
         Ultra High Frequency Energy Healing, Instant Miracle

  • Spoke as a session leader at the Women Lead Conference in Orange County introducing her new
         concept Evelution TM to the public
  • 9 Days fo training with Frontier Training: sales mastery, Speak for Life and Creative Captivation
  • Develops in collaboration with Global Experts Accelerator her online Über Women Assessment
  • Was one of the VIP-Authors at Secret Knock San Diego signing 158 books off in 2 hours
  • ​Publishes her first leadership book which becomes on day one an international bestseller on Amazon 
    ​     in the category 'Women and Business'

  • Got trained by Tiamo de Vittory inside the Fearless Speaker Academy 
  • Starts new corporate contract with a client in Puerto Rico, spending 2 days on-site
  • Got trained by Clinton Swaine from Frontier Trainings in Manifestation Power, Vision-Board  
         Translation and Project-Planning

  • Volunteered for CAYS supporting the Youth-Success Week in Oeanside January
  • Starts the evening live series "topical Topics" ones a month at the Women's Museum of California in
         collaboration with Anne Hoiberg, founder of the Women's Center of California



  • One of the first ever SUE-Talk speaker at their inauguration at the Women Lead Conference hosted
           by  Connected Women of Influence Carlsbad October 2015
  • Added a certification in Ferocious Facilitation (TM) from Frontier Trainings to her buffet of skills and
          wide toolbox
  • Got trained as a key-note speaker in the art of mesmerization of huge audiences by Clinton Swaine
           in Mesmerize Me (TM)
  • Launched new branded webpage www.ueberwomen.com 
  • Launched her new brand Über Women focusing on the Empowerment of Professional Women in
          August with the launch of a new Facebook platform that provides valuable news and information
          about the global state of women and leadership
  • Became a stage sensation at the ICF Summer University at the Munich Business in June in Munich,
  • Keynote Presenter at the yearly Global Coaching Group Summit in Starnberg, Germany speaking
          about “TEAL – The Next Phase of Corporate Evolution” in May
  • Became one of 3 finalists of the Women of Influence Awards in the category of “Women’s Advocate”
          hosted by CWI San Diego

  • Her Michigan Coaching Training School got accepted for the Port Folio Track for Graduates to get
           credentialed by the ICF (International Coaching Federation)
  • Add a certification in Cultivational Coaching(TM) from Frontiers Training to her buffet of skills and
          brought toolbox
  • Became an actively participating and shaping member of Connected Women of Influence, the
           premier business-to-business networking organization for professional women in Southern California

  • Received her ICF Professional Certified Coach credential, which was renewed for the fourth time
  • Became board member and Californian ambassador of Women for Change Coaching Community, a non-            profit with the mission to provide professional free coaching services to women in need


  • Completion of the “Power Play” certification program by Clinton Swaine, the number one global
           training for this state of the art learning didactic. With this certification, Sylvia is able to develop her
           own experiential learning games for corporate and non-corporate training of various length and
  • Became a life-time member of Frontiers training to enhance stage presence and public speaking
          skills towards mastery
  • Winning the ICF Midwest Region Recognition Award in the Category Leadership
  • Becoming an ENP team member with the focus on corporate gender research and leading master    
           mind groups for female top-executives
  • Being a workshop presenter at the biggest coaching conference on US soil of the year 2014
          in Cleveland with outstanding evaluation
  • Facilitates several open public workshops in SoCA focusing on either the development of coaches or
          brain based business building for heart centered female entrepreneurs
  • Signed contract for new office space with Hera Hub Carlsbad, CA
  • Travels mainly between San Diego and Detroit to serve her Michigan clients in person focusing either
           on leadership development with focus change-management training and coaching training aligned
           with the ICF for German expatriates
  • After just 6 months being in CA she signs a contract with Dr. Elizabeth N. Fried and becomes a team      
           member of “My Executive Coach” which ranked among the world’s top 15 executive coaching firms
           for three years running
  • Took on role as Chair for Coaches in Action of the San Diego Coaches Alliances
  • Became a member of the ICF-Orange County Chapter
  • Became a member of the Vista Chamber of Commerce in CA


  • Becomes member and sponsor of the Women’s Wisdom Network
  • Works another year as adjunct faculty member for the FH-Nord Schweiz teaching coaching students
       the art of coaching over the phone through remote learning modules.
  • Finds her new local coaches home community in the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliances the
       premier Coach Association in Southern California
  • Makes a road tour with her family through 13 states of the US from MI to CA and starts her new life
        July 9th in Southern California San Diego County.
  • Sells her house in Michigan in 24 hours and buys new home for her family 2 weeks later in CA which
         she knows only through the internet.
  • Becomes an accepted paid Vistage speaker for Vistage in Michigan
  • Speaks at the Michigan State University Broad College of Business Alumni Breakfast Meeting about               
         “Understanding Resistance or How Resolutions Stick”
  • Launches successfully in Michigan 2 new corporate on-site training programs based on neuroscience
        with 2 mid-seize industrial companies :
        “The Spirit of Positivity or How to Enhance Productivity in Times of Dramatic Changes” and
    ​    “Team-Fit in a Brain-Smart Way in Times of Fast Growth and the Need for High Speed Integration”


  • Excited to be one of the founding members of IMPACT the International Membership of Advisers,
       Coaches and Trainers
  • Honored to be included in the international network of top executive coaches of the Global Coaching
  • Awarded the 2012 STARS Achievement Award in the category of 6-Figure Year by the International
       Association of Women in Business Coaching
  • Published “The Missing 12th Core Competence of Coaching” in CHOICE magazine, the largest
       international coaching magazine
  • Interviewed by CHOICE magazine (and received rave reviews)
  • Became a member of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce
  • Began publishing “Money with Joy,” a biweekly newsletter with a quickly expanding base of national
       and international fans
  • Became a member of the Wayne State University coaching team to support potential leaders of
    ​   the Detroit Revitalization Fellowship Program
  • Started traveling again, serving clients in several U.S. states and Germany
  • Received her ICF Professional Certified Coach credential, which was renewed for the third time
  • Became member of the International Association of Women in Business Coaching
  • Served a one-year term as organizer, host and facilitator of the PCAM South-East Empowerment

  • Starts her productive partnership with the Global Coaching Group in Munich/Germany serving top-executive clients around the world through 1 to 1 coaching over the phone and skype


  • Became an active member of the Michigan Professional Business Association
  • Launched her third brand, Money with Joy, at the PCAM conference
  • Presented “ROI and Sustainability with Corporate Clients: The two magic ingredients to achieve a
          100% conversion rate and 100% client satisfaction” workshop at the PCAM conference
  • Invited to serve as an adjunct faculty member of the Fachhochschule Nordwest Schweiz FHNW-
          Hochschule fuer Soziale Arbeit to train on “Remote Coaching,” using telephone conferences to teach
  • Received Level Three Certification as a Pro-EFT Practitioner from the Pro-EFT Institute and Master
    ​      Trainer Lindsay Kenny in San Francisco 


  • Co-founded the Michigan International Professional Association (MIPA)
  • Began partnering with Christine Klisch to operate Business + Culture, serving German companies in
          the Midwest (USA) with their combined knowledge of intercultural awareness, executive coaching,
          change management and team-development
  • Participated as an active member of the German American Chamber of Commerce (GACC)
  • Served as the first non-American member on the board of the Professional Coach Association
           Michigan (PCAM)


  • Facilitated “Navigating Change by Mastering the Hidden Logic of Emotions” workshop at the
          6th PCAM Coaching Conference
  • Joined BORA-Consulting International, with a focus on telephone coaching
  • Served as one of three official mentor coaches for the Professional Coach Association
          Michigan (PCAM) now ICF Chapter Michigan


  • Got the best rating of all workshops for her “Systemic Constellation with Representative Figures in
          One-to-One Coaching: a Workshop Sharing Personal Research” workshop at the 5th PCAM
          Coaching Conference
  • Began a three-year term as an Associate of David Chinsky & Associates, focusing on executive
          coaching insideThe Institute for Leadership FitnessTM
  • Launches her new brand “Mastering the Power of Strategic Change based on Neuroscience and
          Emotional Intelligence” being one of the first coaches putting her coaching approach inside the
          frame work of the latest discoveries made public in the field of neuroscience and neuro-leadership


  • Became an active member and frequent speaker for the German Professional Women’s Association
          in Michigan
  • Started coaching in the US with a focus on Executive Coaching and Coach Training
  • Introduced a new service: Public Speaking
  • Become a highly involved member of the Professional Coach Association Michigan (now ICF


  • Moved her 2 babies life and business from Germany to Michigan (USA) in July
  • Gave birth to her second son Sebastian Lucas Hill
  • Closed down her office in Germany 2 weeks before her due date in April


  • Launched alone a new office including seminar room around the corner where she lived
       which was better aligned with her work-l
    ife-harmony as a working mother


  • Gave birth to her first son Orlando Lucas Hill
  • With Stefan Lammers, founded The Coach Center Düsseldorf in a beautiful old Patricia Villa
  • Served as the President of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Germany


  • Began a three-year term on the German board of the International Coach Federation (ICF)


  • Began a four-year membership with Bredemeyer & Friends, a consulting company focusing on large
          group facilitation for major cultural and corporate changes
  • Became a team member of Carpe Viam, Dr. Anja Henke’s consulting company, and spent two years                    working on dynamic international outplacement support programs and difficult change-management
          processes where resisting key-players had to get on board to become drivers for necessary change
  • Became the first Professional Certified Coach of the ICF in Germany
  • Re-launched her coaching practice under the brand Commitment: Coaching the Passion in


  • Became a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), a professional community of like
          minded, committed transformers
  • Began a flourishing seven-year partnership with Dr. Baldinger & Partner with a focus on coaching,
          corporate in-house training, and train-the-trainer, including working with Dr. Baldinger & Partner’s
          English section, the-wright-way (in English)


  • Served as a network partner of Systemic Consulting with a focus on systemic coaching and
           consulting (for two years)


  • Discovered by Winner´s Edge, a large successful German consulting company, and utilized as a     
          change agent for two years, assisting in the facilitation of Post Merger Integration processes


  • Awarded a two-year 60000 Euro prize called PFAU by the Ministry for School, Education, Science
          and Research (MSWWF) of Nord-Rhein-Westfalen; this was given in recognition of her business    
          start-up under the business name “Commitment”


  • Launched her career as one of the first known Telephone-Coach
  • Offered “Coaching to Secure the Sustainability of Corporate Training” and in-house trainings for
    ​       service orientation, communication and conflict management