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SECOND, your brain-rewiring audio designed with the power of hypnotic speech patterns and the power of repetition.

How to make the most out of the audio:

Listen to the audio daily either in bed before falling asleep at night or in the morning during your bathroom routine or any time during the day. The audio is just over 8min long to fit easily into your schedule to listen and repeat the statements out loud as an exercise. Yet - because it does NOT induce hypnoses nor alters your brain state - it's safe to listen in the background of activities as well! It uses the power of repetition to hard-wire new positive identity-beliefs in your brain and the power of high speed to by-pass your conscious analytical mind. Do this for minimum 30 days, better 90. This will support you in remembering the 12 Leadership Powers and allowing the statements to transform how you feel, think and act while becoming the female leader of your dreams, a true unleashed, unashamed, unstoppable Über Woman! 

You are also now subscribed to my email-updates and communication with my Über Women Tribe of extraordinary women. May this serve you well on your evolutionary journey taking the lid off your most precious shining true self.

To your Über Woman success!

                 Sylvia Becker-Hill, Vista CA April 21st 2016

THIRD, I invite you to schedule one of my 30min long monthly limited FREE "Leadership Powers Strategy- Session" to define your next step on your Leadership-Journey becoming a true Über Woman lifting any lids on your creative and authentic self-expression by taking your evolution into your own hands.

How to make the most out of this opportunity:
Schedule a time-slot through my online-calendar link provided at the right and fill out the short questionnaire during the process. Put the time-slot into your calendar and keep it free for your session with me. Have your answers and something to write at hand when meeting me on the phone.
​One question, one feedback, one intuitive comment from me might change the trajectory of your life in a positive meaningful way like it has done for hundreds of my clients since 18 years.
Come to the session with an attitude of openness and wonder about who you are.

FIRST, the beautiful designed poster with all 12 Powers including the 12 Power statements.

How to make the most out of the poster:

Print it so you can have it in several copies at varies places while you go through your days! Read and say the statements out loud. Most powerful way: in the morning while standing in front of a mirror looking into your own eyes and your right hand placed on your heart. This way: hearing your own voice, feeling your hand on your heart, looking deeply into your soul ... you utilize all your senses so that the power statements can unfold their power to transform you in the best brain-imprinting sustainable way.

Here are your 3 Book Bonuses:

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