One Woman – Multiple Speakers
Sylvia Becker-Hill  

Unique & Tailored Presentations:  
​Whether for a 10-minute impulse speech, short 30-minute lunch-bites, or a 60- to 90-minute keynote, Sylvia’s topics are adjustable, customizable and perfect for your company, organization, team or group: 

From Super Girl to Über Woman!
Where are we going as a culture? As a powerful gender? Focuses on the future of female leadership and  the current trends of evolution. 

The Glass Ceiling is Between Your Ears
This paradigm-shifting program helps women break through their own glass ceiling in their  mind and rise to higher levels of personal power, turning the #1 success killer into their biggest ally! 

Beyond Logic: The Über Woman Matrix
New easy-to-use success blueprint to  gain more power, more freedom and more love… without a price tag! 

Hamster-wheel to Hammock
Ready to get out of the daily grind?  Eliminate self-sabotage, strengthen your intuition and decision-making power and gain the freedom to enjoy your life... guilt- and stress-free! 

“Sales” is Not a Dirty Word!  
Why do women resist selling?! This program transforms women in business into sales-sensations without sacrificing their integrity or relationships! 

A global Women's Empowerment Movement  - Unleashing female leaders in all areas of society 

International award-winning speaker and author Sylvia Becker-Hill delivers brain-based, content-rich, impactful and entertaining presentations that engage audiences and cause a sustainable shift in their actions. 

Sylvia has worked with Fortune 500 companies as a corporate top-executive coach, leadership trainer and facilitator of top-leader summits as  well as spoken at international coaching conferences. 

On stage, she deliberately uses props, wigs, multiple outfits and different accents to embody different archetypes. 

She provides solid content experientially for your attendees. 

​Sylvia is a genius at  simplifying complex neuro-scientific concepts into light-hearted, easy-to-understand and actionable information.