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Love Warrior, 
                 Gender Researcher

Despite two devastating broken engagements—and being surrounded by single, liberated, financially-independent academic women in a society with shrinking birthrates and a growing cynicism regarding “true love”—Sylvia still refused to doubt love. Instead, she committed herself to in-depth research on human dynamics, passionately pursuing the question:

“What do men and women need

in order to experience lasting, fulfilling love?”

As a result, she changed the focus of her university research to gender-studies, a subject in which she was a pioneer at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf. She finished her Magister in Philosophy and Linguistic summa cum laude.

Three years after the second broken engagement, she met her future husband Peter, an IT-project manager from New Zealand, at a conference in Florida (in the U.S.). Language, culture differences, time and money were no obstacles. Sylvia flew halfway around the globe—literally—five times in 12 months in order to get to know the man she loved. After just 11 months they got married on a beach in New Zealand.

They now have a fulfilled marriage and two gorgeous boys. Their committed partnership is an inspiration to others, even launching other love stories that have resulted in marriage.

Sylvia continues to inspire others through her integrated life and work.