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Sylvia Childhood

Sylvia’s personal story began in Germany in 1967. Her loving and devoted parents were World War II refugees. Their school careers had been disrupted by the war, so they were relegated to low-paying jobs inside the public sector. Sylvia grew up in an environment where people sought safety and stability, so adventure, freedom and fulfillment were missing from her young life.

Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz became Sylvia’s heroine, feeding her childhood spirit with the power of confidence, connection with strangers, adventurousness and magic.

At the age of six, Sylvia had written three children’s books about magic and turning your dreams into reality. Sadly no one helped her to publish them...

Beginning in her toddler years, Sylvia was plagued by neurodermatitis, a horribly itchy skin condition. She was placed on a strict allergen-free diet and given lots of cortisone. Sylvia now sees this disease as a blessing, for it caused her to ask deep questions at an early age. Disappointed by what traditional medicine had to offer, she took her health into her own hands. After going through years of deep self-analysis and attending seminars with a strong emphasis on self-experience and group dynamics, Sylvia was able to heal herself completely. She now enjoys a “normal” diet and a medicine-free life.

Sylvia was a so called 'gifted child' and always the best in class through out her school career. Loved my teachers envied by peers she was often bullied without having a concept for that. Lacking an environment which fully grasped her genius she retreated into a huge passion for reading 'eating books for breakfast'.

Sylvia knew her parents loved her and yet she suffered from the sense of being the 'hyper intelligent alien from another planet' at school and the lack of the safety which comes from healthy bonding with peers and your own sense of belonging.

This and her health-challenge drove her as a teenager to dive into research around human dynamics and the question: 

"What do humans really need to change themselves in a lasting positive way?"

Ultimately this question and all the puzzle-pieces of answers she found over the years were the driver behind her choice of the profession as an executive coach and corporate change agent. Sylvia become a pioneer and trailblazer in Germany for this profession at the age of 30.