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"I invited Sylvia to speak to our members and guest because I believe she has a lot of wisdom helping people move out of their comfort zone and change their behavior.
She shows empathy and uses tangible tools to demonstrate an intangible need for change.
In this global environment, Sylvia brings the international perspective. And she is very giving."

Colleen Theuerkauf, MBA, CFP®, 
iNForum Regional Council Chair Southeast Michigan

"From your talk you project a feeling of trust. I have gone through many training seminars my whole life and I cannot think of any that I got so much out of."

Dave Petrosky, MI/USA

Audience Voices:

​                                   "She made me laugh out loud!"


“Relatable and fun!”

              "OMG, she made me think in a new way!"

​"I took a daily new habit from her speech with me."

                               “Engaging and entertaining...”

“Intelligent and moving...”

                “There’s no ‘nodding off’ with this one!”

    “Real audience transformation!"

                                     "... right on the spot!”

"Passion for her work is evident in the natural way Sylvia connects with the audience through an interactive presentation style. She is a master of using emotional intelligence to pick up on subtle cues to identify each person’s need and responds with empathy, compassion, candor, and words of inspiration. 

"Sylvia engages her audience with unique activities that leave participants with a memorable experience as she reinforces key points. Her guidance helps individuals set direction, clarify goals, and feel confident to accomplish them."

Aldona Sonta, PMP, MI/USA

"From the moment I heard Sylvia coach an audience I was impressed by her direct, yet compassionate nature, and her deep understanding of the 'cause and effect' of Emotional Intelligence."

Aleksandra A. Syljebeck, PHR

"Sylvia Becker-Hill was one of our inaugural SUE Talks presenters.  Sylvia captured the audience with her stunning entrance as Cleopatra as well as her transition to the little German girl from her childhood. 
Her message about our egos is one that every woman can identify with.  She masterfully combined neuroscience, women’s history and leadership lessons into a phenomenal 12-minute talk!"

Michelle Bergquist, CEO & Co-Founder 
Connected Women of Influence

"Sylvia's SUE Talk shows her passion for empowering and improving the lives of others. Her high-energy and creative approach to this thought provoking subject brought new insight to how we view our egos.  She entertains and educates every step of the way!"

Deanna Potter,
​Potter Coaching & Consulting, CA/USA

Testimonials from Event Hosts:

"Sylvia's presentation was absolutely a 'WOW'! I watched the audience and they were in awe of every word she said. We have never had a presentation where some of the audience stands up to applaud at the end.
She certainly touched the hearts and minds of the people last night!"

Betty Dobies, Chairperson
St. Andrew Career Mentoring Ministry, MI/USA

"Our Summer-University ran in a collaboration with the Munich Business School. We had a very diverse line-up of speakers: HR-professionals, consultants, corporate change-agents and academics. Sylvia had time wise a challenging spot: right after lunch and a morning full of intense long power-point presentations which had taken their toll on some of the guests in the audience. Yet ‘nodding-off’ was no option with Sylvia Becker-Hill as our international special guest-speaker. Dressed in a rain-coat and masked with big sun-glasses she stormed the stage. Playing the ‘ICF-Police’ Sylvia yelled in staccato provocative ideas which made the minds burning with curiosity. Without anyone knowing she had enrolled a few guests into participation and had them prepared upfront. While Sylvia was speaking, one after the other they came following a cue from her on stage pulling paper-bags with case-study names over their head mimicking different executive-types struggling with different issues. An image no one can forget. Sylvia’s style was extremely unusual for our audience: very entertaining while connecting research from a very broad spectrum of disciplines in an educational manner. Everyone I spoke to wanted more of her!” 

​Jürgen Bache, Präsident ICF-Germany 2015

"Sylvia spoke at our yearly VIP executive-client-summit. She ran like a cave-girl swinging her Neaderthal-bat onto the stage while addressing the audience’s brain-reactions to the previous discussed content. You should have seen everyone’s faces! Priceless and unforgettable! In just ten minutes she managed to get to the core of the content our summit was addressing. Sylvia is brilliant at conveying complex scientific matters in a fun memorable way. We already booked her again. If you want a unique combination between intelligence, passion and courage Sylvia is the right choice. On top of everything she is authentic and very empathic, always having the clients perspective in mind.”

Christa Schöning, founder and CEO Global Coaching Group, Munich/Germany

"Sylvia Becker-Hill has been a wonderful guest speaker five times at our German Professional Women's Association club meetings since 2007. Sylvia always created a fresh, new, customized program for each session or workshop ranging between 60 to 90 minute in length for each of the 5 meetings.  These sessions/workshops were educational, relevant and empowering for our membership and to the leadership team of GPWA. We love that she puts her teaching methods into a science-based framework, while making the content easy to understand and the delivery highly-interactive and fun. When Sylvia speaks, there is a lot of laughter, verbal exchange, positive energy flow and physical movement happening amongst the members and in the room. Often she brought interesting props to our meetings, such as a red woolen string that every guest played with, laid out in the form of a circle on the floor and then had to physically stand in the circle shape of the string. The red woolen circle symbolized everyone's own comfort-zone. Sylvia's process triggered a lot of insightfulness and motivation to step out of one’s comfort zone in order to explore bigger and more challenging opportunities. Her keynotes are truly intense and mesmerizing. Our members are still talking and reflecting about all they have learned in Sylvia's workshops and sessions. We are looking forward to having Sylvia speak again in the near future."

Christina Griesser, founder and President GPWA, German Professional Women’s Organization, MI/US