A global Women's Empowerment Movement  - Unleashing female leaders in all areas of society 


Values are functioning in us like a compass:

- They guide us through life.

- They help us make decisions.

- They let us set priorities.

- They give us an inner sensorium to distinguish important things from unimportant things.

The values you can expect from being expressed through my work are:


is for me to keep my word and create alignment between my sub-conscious and conscious mind, my inner and outer life, my business and my private life. It becomes tangible for you in my confidentiality, my honesty, transparency and reliability.


is for me the conscious creation of space for someone else to grow into their highest possibilities. It becomes tangible for you in the quality of my listening, my full acceptance without judgement no matter what and my caring style in my communication and action with you.


is for me to embrace my fears, the unknown beyond my comfort-zone and the willingness to make myself feel uncomfortable. It becomes tangible for you in my questioning of your status quo, in my relentless challenging your old ways of thinking, acting and being, in my boldness to kick you out of your comfort-zone, making you feel deliberately uncomfortable, in my chaperoning you into unknown territories. 


is for me to be committed to your potential and best possible outcome. It becomes tangible for you in the top-quality of my service, my ongoing learning, my service attitude, my style shaped by nearly 20 years working inside the constantly changing complexity of the international corporate world.


is for me a way of being filled with conscious gratitude for the gift of life, its wonders and miracles. It becomes tangible for you in the strength of my positive thinking, the power of my optimism, the magic of acknowledging what is without judgement.


is for me knowing I am enough and the full creative expression of my human and divine essence. It becomes tangible for you in my enormous level of flexibility, my extreme creativity which allows me to create out of seemingly un-connectable disciplines, paradigms or beliefs. Plus my artistic expression which I pour into my Mind-GraphicsTM which are visualizations of your thinking and desiring during our work together.


is for me the other side of human. I believe a divine power (you might call it God, universe, Allah...) created us and we are always connected with that source through our soul/higher self/spirit. It becomes tangible for you in the respect I treat you with, in the huge vision I hold about you for you, in the power of my intuition which provides me with information valuable for your progress to reach your goals and dreams.