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"Sylvia Becker-Hill was one of our inaugural SUE Talks presenters.  Sylvia captured the audience with her stunning entrance as Cleopatra as well as her transition to the little German girl from her childhood. 

Her message about our egos is one that every woman can identify with.  She masterfully combined neuroscience, women’s history and leadership lessons into a phenomenal 12-minute talk! 

Sylvia was a master performer and story-teller and we were pleased and proud to have selected Sylvia as one of our very first SUE Talks presenters!"

Michelle Bergquist,
​CEO & Co-Founder – Connected Women of Influence

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Attention all my Cleopatra fans in the recent months:
If you have seen my SUE-Talk or any other variation of my Cleopatra-talk e.g. at Limitless Women or at the Women's Museum of California and you want to be featured as an Über Women with head-shot, name, key function and webpage around my Cleopatra talk on this page, please submit on the right a testimonial which describes the impact my talk about Cleopatra's Curse (TM), your ego and my life's stories had on you. Thank you!