Are you ready to become an Über Woman?
If you are…


Highly educated

Thirty five or plus with a list of enviable achievements you are proud of,
​many as a successful corporate leader or entrepreneur with a career/business already in place or behind you...

​​For you the question ‘can women have it all?’ is the wrong question.

You know that full bank accounts mean little when you come home every night and your bed is empty and cold. 
You are not satisfied with a lovely family and a harmonious partnership when you have no creative outlet for your own talents and ambitions. 
You have experienced that all the success in the world in business, socially and within your family melts away between your fingers when you lack the health to enjoy it.

A global Women's Empowerment Movement  - Unleashing female leaders in all areas of society 

Sylvia Becker-Hill, Vista December 2015

YOU – brilliant Super Woman, longing for more 

Freedom and Success in ALL Areas of Life.

Whether single, divorced or married, you know, from deep inside your heart and soul, that you desire and deserve…

     A harmonious, equal partnership you fall asleep grateful for every night

     Whatever means a feeling of family love/support to you

     A creative outlet that feeds and renews you at the deepest levels of your being

     A life of meaning beyond the full bank accounts, social events and professional success

     Vibrant and lasting health and wellness, of body and mind

     Balance with all the aspects of your life, with the time and energy for play, travel and creative expression in addition to
     your successful career/business and family

     A home which is a place for family, socializing, relaxing, celebrating the beauty of style, life and relationships

     Growing bank accounts which let you sleep deeply and soundly knowing your retirement age is financed, your
​     life-style secured

     Your loved ones cared for

     Luxury amenities like a cleaning lady and professional self-care services weekly

     Financial freedom which empowers you to invest in worthy projects of entrepreneurial spirit or sustainable green energy
​     and philanthropic non-profit causes

     A loving compassionate relationship with yourself that creates inner peace…and with that, joy and gratitude for all of life

And you have already manifested a lot of these important dreams!

And yet, there is ONE area in your life that just isn’t clicking… and you don’t know why

Maybe it’s your…

- Love life

- Body/body image

- Health

- Sense of purpose in your career/business

- The right numbers in your bank account

- A sense of peace on the inside…

Whatever it is, your inability to create or grasp it falls on you like a heavy mood or dark cloud, over shadowing the rest of your life. Something you just can’t seem to shake off. As brilliant and powerful as you are, this ONE thing seems always out of reach. You’ve read the books, invested in training, mentors, coaches or even therapists and this ONE THING doesn’t seem to change!

This frustrates you!

It triggers doubts, negative thoughts, and undermines the joy in your life. 

​Deep down you know it’s possible to have it all.
Deep down you know you have a potential bigger than what you live right now. 
Deep down you have a strong yet vague sense of your highest potential. 

To feel the gap where you are now in your life and your full potential
is painful. It hurts.

You are conscious and honest enough that you stopped blaming the world or other people like your parents or your husband for the place you are in.

You know it’s you.

Yet that doesn’t make it any easier, doesn't it?

Knowing this frustration, sensing the lid on top of your beautiful outrageous potential, feeling claustrophobic in the straight-jacket of your current status quo… and not knowing how to uncage yourself, how to throw away the lid and feel limitless, powerful and free… is a pain only a true Über Woman can understand.

I have the anti-dote for that pain.
I founded Über Women International Inc. for you because I am like you. I struggled with that gap, faced my own pain. I uncaged myself, letting my light out to shine and can give you the support and tools to do the same. It is my purpose in this life to use everything I’ve got to empower women to be free to be their truly magnificent selves!

Welcome to the world of  unleashed, unashamed and unstoppable Über Women!