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Do you want to know where you are on your evolutionary path from Super-Woman to Über-Woman?

​Request below the free and print-friendly black and white Evelution Matrix which includes circles for your self- evaluation. 

Use it every few weeks and after major life-changes or stressful phases in your life to:

                          - acknowledge where you are right now on your path from Super Woman to Über Woman 

                          - celebrate progress and successes 

                          - become aware of areas in your life which need your attention to prevent falling back in outdated self-sabotage

You can download it straight from your screen after leaving your email and name in the boxes below. Plus you'll get details how to use and recommendations how to make the most out of it!

What is an Über-Woman?   Am I one?
How is an Über-Woman different from a Super-Woman?
What are the steps from Super-Woman to Über-Woman?